Casual Visitor Cracks Safe That No One Had Been Able To Do For 40 Years

June 5, 2019

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Visitors to the Vermilion Heritage Museum in Alberta have been trying to crack the code for 40-years of a safe that has been locked tight and unable to be opened by even a locksmith.  Countless visitors to the museum, which opened in the mid 1990s, had tinkered with the dial over the years to no avail. That is until Stephen Mills casually spun the tumbler of the lock a couple of weeks ago.  The safe, which in the basement of the then Brunswick Hotel, had been locked since it closing in the 1970s but no one knew the combination.  A locksmith eventually concluded the 1-ton box was probably too old and seized up to ever be unlocked, even if the right combination was found. However that turned out to be wrong as Stephen went up to "try this for a laugh." The dial spun three time to the right, landing on "20," three times to the left landing on "40" and one time to the right landing on "60" opened the uncrackable safe.  Museum curators asked if Stephen was a professional safecracker! And inside the safe? Treasure beyond your wildest imagination? Not really. Just a few documents from its final days of its hotel days. There was a dusty pad full of restaurant orders and a forgotten payslip from 1977. And while the code has been cracked, museum staff are still wary of the stubborn lock. They have left the door of the safe jammed open, and plan to keep it that way.

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SOURCE: Newser

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