Should The Orlando Theme Parks Ban Childless Guests?

August 1, 2019

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Social media lit up this week thanks to a post from a mother who was apparently livid about Millennials making Disney World extra frustrating for her. The frazzled mother's states it makes her mad to see childless couples inside Walt Disney World, who she says are "immature" and "throw away their money on useless crap" and will "never experience the exhaustion that it is to chase a 3 year old around and getting stares [in] assuming [she is] a bad mother."  She goes on to state that Disney World "is for children" and that "people without children need to be banned." While the mother may have support of other like-minded people, the vast majority of responses are in support of childless people visiting theme parks designed for families, as one person pointed out that childless couples are families too.  Other point to Walt Disney himself who once said, "Adults are only kids grown up, anyway.” And still others state people with children also attend without their children and that many areas at Walt Disney World are designed for adults. Although there was been no official statement from Disney World, in anticipation of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opening at Disney's Hollywood Studios later this month, you can be assured the people with and without children will be standing in lines, buying "useless" items and wishing the park wasn't so crowded. If you'd like to read the strongly-worded post, CLICK HERE

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