Most Americans Not Concerned About Poor Posture

October 9, 2019

The average person spends nearly four hours of their days looking down at their smart phone but less than half of Americans are worried about what that's doing to their backs, according to a new survey. A new Orlando health survey found only 47% of Americans seemed concerned that their smart phones might be setting them up for pain and poor posture, which can contribute to a lifetime of back pain, poor circulation, trouble breathing and joint problems. Looking down at our devices is at the center of poor posture.  Each inch forward, out of alignment with your spine your head moves, the position adds 10 lbs of pressure your body. So if you head moves four inches in front of your body while you’re looking down at your phone or reading a book - that’s the equivalent of having a child sitting on your shoulders the whole time. The longer you go on like that, the greater your risks of pain, bad circulation and agitated arthritis are. You can perform the "W test" to see if you had bad posture. To do this, you stand against a wall, with your feet about six inches from the wall, but keep your lower back, elbows and hands all touching it. As you move your hands up and down the wall, you should be able to keep all points of contact intact - but many people can't, because their posture is suffering. Thankfully there several exercises you can perform to improve your posture. Consult with your doctor for the best way for you to improve your posture.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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