Most Inappropriate Behaviors In A Grocery Store

December 5, 2018

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We teach our children to be polite, decorum in the office wins you important points for promotion but for some reason we check out courtesy at the door when we grocery shop. A new poll by Treadmill Reviews finds that the average shopping trip lasts 43 minutes, and most families are going more than once every week, on average. Combined, you could be spending at least 37 hours every year looking at produce and nonperishables trying to decide what you should have for lunch or dinner. With all that time in the aisle, it appears that most of us have created a list of grievances. 96% of people say the leaving a perishable item somewhere else in the store was the most inappropriate behavior, while 90% get upset when carts block the aisle (with more women confronting the violator than men). 80% of Americans feel the "taste test" of produce that isn't offered is wrong. When we get to the checkout line, 99% said cutting in line was rude (with more men confronting the cutter than women), 94% of those in the survey said to respect personal space that it's annoying when the person behind them doesn't allow enough personal space. 89% said it's a big deal for you to exceed the express checkout with more than 10 items.  When it comes to the parking lot, 72% said it is inappropriate to leave your shopping cart in the parking lot. 50% said they've been struck by another vehicle in the grocery store parking lot and only 17% felt it was appropriate to tip an employee for helping you bring your things to your car.

SOURCE: Treadmill Reviews

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