Falling In Love Packs On The Pounds

September 25, 2018

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While falling in love some people experience butterflies in the stomach, but more likely those feelings of butterflies is just more food.  A new report out found 79% of people surveyed gained weight after finding live with the average person packing on an additional 36 pounds after finding "the one."  A whopping 17 pounds is added in the first year of the relationship with men taking the lead with 69% of men reporting weight gain while in a relationship compared to 45% of women. If that relationship gets to the wedding vows, look for even more weight to make it to your waist with guys reporting an additional 22 pounds in the first year of marriage and 13 pounds for a women and those extra founds continue to about five year in when the most weight is gained. While 34% blamed take out and drinking at home for the uptick in pounds, most (64%) said they no longer felt pressure to look their best to attract a mate. 41% blame eating out. But despite all of that "more of me to love" weight gain, most are aware of it and are doing something about it. 55% said they’ve lost weight in the past year, with the average respondent losing 16 pounds. 52% of couples are exercising together and 60% currently eat healthy with their partner. Even though a bunch of weight is gained, couples who exercise and eat healthy together are also nearly twice as likely to say they’re consistently happy in their relationship as those who don’t.

SOURCE: Fox News

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