The Most Common Two-Letter Name Initial Combinations

October 3, 2018

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What do Justin Bieber, Jessica Biel and James brown have in common?  They have the most common two-letter initial combination in the United States. The initials JM and JS are also pretty popular. A color-coded chart has been created using data collected from the 2000 U.S. census shows the likelihood of 676 variations of two-letter initials. MB, MM, MS, RB, RM and RS were also fairly popular. As for first names, the letters C, D, J, M and R are pretty common, while last names that start with B, M, S and W are equally common. However first and last names that begin with Q, X, Y and Z are less common. That means that QT or ZQ initial combos are a lot harder to come by and fairly unique. But they are out there, just ask Quentin Tarantino and Zachary Quinto.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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