If Given A Choice, Most Americans Would Take To The Road Instead Of The Air

June 5, 2019


When it comes to traveling, most Americans would rather pack up the family truckster than fly the friendly skies. A new survey finds 73% of Americans prefer to travel by car versus flying and in fact have no problem of adding additional hours on o their travel time if it meant avoiding the airport altogether. According to the study, air travel was the least liked mode of transportation with most travelers reported that delays (55%) are their biggest flying gripe.  Going through security (50%), and the cramped seats (50%) were tied for the second least enjoyable aspects of air travel. However scenic views (69%) was given as the top reason to travel on the road,  followed by the freedom to stop whenever (69%), and being able to pack whatever you want (57%). Our love affair with the road and freedom is so big that 63% of Americans say they would actually look forward to a trip more if they were road tripping.

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SOURCE: better Homes & Gardens

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