Nope! Mosquito Repelling Apps Do Not Work

June 28, 2019

The sales pitch sounds good.  Ultrasonic technology omitted from your phone's speak creates a barrier to prevent mosquitoes from bothering you.  Both the iTunes and Google Play app stores have dozens of listings for mosquito repellent apps, boasted by glowing reviews and logo soup from appearances on national media outlets.  But not one single app has been scientifically proven to repeal mosquitoes, period. While some claim to work, some carry disclaimers that this technology has not been scientifically proven and some even come clean in stating they do not work.  If you want to actually keep mosquitoes away, turn on a fan. The breeze keeps mosquitoes from being able to sniff you out by your breath. For extra protection, apply a bug spray containing an effective ingredient like DEET, which does have scientific proof that it works in repelling mosquitoes.

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SOURCE: Lifehacker

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