How You Can Get Candy Corn Haters To Embrace This Halloween Staple

October 18, 2018


Everyone has their favorite Halloween candy and while the mainstream varieties are adored by many, the fringe ones have their super fans and those who just shake their heads in disbelief.  For instance, mention candy corn and you'll find a more divided house than politics! But some candy corn fans have found a way for haters to tolerate and even embrace the candy many call, "Satan's earwax!" Here's the trick, mix candy corn with peanuts! Either salted or unsalted will work. The ideal mixture ratio is one “corn” to two peanuts, popped in the mouth simultaneously. Tasters describe the flavor similar to a Payday candy bar.  In fact, a quick Google search of mixing candy corn with peanuts reveals recipes for candy corn peanut bark, candy corn peanut bars, candy corn Chex Mix. While the peanut trick seems to work with candy corn, the candy pumpkins don't fare so well.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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