Common Stain-Removing Mistakes

August 27, 2019

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You remember the time that dollop of meat sauce landed on your white shirt and you started rubbing it vigorously with seltzer to try to get the stain out? That might not have been your best move. In fact, your dry cleaner can take one look at your garment and know exactly which steps you took to get the stain out before you brought your top in to be professionally cleaned.  Many times the stain is in forever and ruining your favorite article of clothing. So dry cleaners give us a sneak peek into what we should avoid in trying to get a stain out of our clothing. The biggest mistake someone can make when they stain an item is to wait. If the stain is not addressed quickly, it will set into the clothing, be harder to remove and may be permanent. So don't delay in getting your clothes to the cleaner. You should never rub a stain.  Rubbing pushes the stain further into the fabric. If you’re going to try to get a stain out of fabric, work from the outside in, not from the center. That makes the stain larger. Avoid using hot water. IT can bond the stain into the fabric, so stick with lukewarm or cool water. While some people use seltzer, hair spray, nail polish remover and lemon juice to remove certain stains, depending on the fabric these can actually exacerbate the stain. So stick with water and have a professional take a look at it as soon as possible.

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SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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