Keto Beer Is Here!

March 21, 2019

There is little doubt that the Keto Diet is popular!  The low-carb diet focused on training your body to work on burning fat instead of sugar remains the dominant weight loss plans in America and companies are looking for ways to capitalize of it.  Michelob Ultra has long been the preferred choice for low calorie and low carb in the beer department.  The brand just announced that this month, they're launching the first-ever flavored versions of its beloved keto-friendly, low-calorie light beer, called Michelob Ultra Infusions. Like its traditional-flavored cousin, Michelob Ultra Infusions have just 95 calories per bottle. But unlike the original line, carbs are nearly doubled from 2.6 grams to 5 grams. Keto diet guidelines call for consuming fewer than 50 net carbs per day (and ideally no more than 20) in order to encourage the body to burn fat for energy, in a state called ketosis (hence the name). That generally means that beer is off-limits. Fruit doesn't really stand much of a chance either, because of its high sugar content. So this launch is truly giving keto dieters the best of both worlds. The first beer to drop will be Lime & Prickly Pear Cactus, rumored to be followed by Pomegranate & Agave shortly after sometime in the near future at your favorite grocery store. 

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SOURCE: Women's Health

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