How Often Do You Change Your Bed Sheets?

September 11, 2018


Men have a reputation of being dirty and gross but according to a new study the one area men are cleaner than women is in the bedroom. Specifically, men wash their bedsheets more often than women. Of the 2,000 participants, men religiously washing their bed sheets every two weeks, while women say they wash their sheets once a month. The results on clean sheets also carried over to those who wear pajamas. Women said they puts theirs through the wash once every five wears, men opted for every three. And for those who sleep all-natural, 61% of women say they sleep in the bug compared to 39% of men.  The survey didn't get into who women tend to change their bedding half as often as men, it did recommend that you should swap out your bedding at least every two weeks and once a week in warmer months or if you sweat a lot when your sleep.


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