Create Marbled Easter Eggs With Nail Polish

February 26, 2020

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With Easter a little more than a month away (April 12, 2020), you can elevate your egg decorating to new heights by making easy marbled Easter eggs. Using only nail polish, a bucket of water, paper towels, and a wooden skewer, you can turn your plain hard-boiled eggs into gorgeous works of art. Line a one-gallon bucket or a large bowl with a plastic bag and fill the bucket with lukewarm water. Choose 2-3 nail polish colors to marble together. Carefully drip several drops of each nail polish onto the surface of the water: The paint will sit on the surface of the water and may expand into large dots. When you’ve added several drops, use a thin wood skewer or toothpick to swirl the paint into a marble pattern. Rather than ruin a good spoon for this project, bend a piece of craft wire into a spoon shape to make an egg dipper. Balance a hard-boiled egg and dip the egg into the marbled polish. You’ll need to dip the egg all the way under the layer of nail polish for it to be completely covered. Then pull the egg straight up and out of the water, and set it on a covered surface to dry. Each time you pour and swirl the nail polish, you should be able to dip 2-3 marble Easter eggs. After that, there won’t be much polish left on the surface and it won’t have a pretty marble pattern anymore. To start over with fresh polish or to swap colors, take a paper towel and run it over the surface of the water. The excess nail polish will stick to the paper towel and you’ll be able to pour new polish, re-marble it, and start dipping eggs again. Repeat this process until you’ve marbled as many eggs as you like using different color combinations.

SOURCE: Better Homes & Gardens

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