Most Americans Cannot Point Out Where They Live On A Map

April 22, 2019

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Todays' technology has help us tremendously, especially when we are traveling. But it is at a cost.  Friday's storm spawned many severe thunderstorm warnings and meteorologists quickly alerted us of what counties were under these warning.  However studies have found upwards of 85% of the population could not find their town or county on a map! It echoes another study that found that 11% of Americans could not identify the United States on a map! It's understandable why many find this alarming, especially when it comes to weather warnings. In short, we've need to learn basic map-reading skills. However part of the problem, according to many, are the maps used by weather reporters. Some weather maps are not labeled well and have few or no points of reference such as towns, roads and other map markers. While many maps on electronic media label bigger cities, the fail to include county names and smaller communities and areas.  While research is ongoing on how people use and interpret weather maps, the bigger problem is that many people, especially younger, have never looked at a map. It may be a good idea to purchase road maps and maps of the world and introduce them to children (and even adults) that points out where you live, along with the areas around your location.  In an emergency situation, such as weather, it may be a lifesaving skill.

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SOURCE: Washington Post

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