POLL: Many Newlywed Couples Are Taking Solo Honeymoons

March 15, 2019

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Yesterday we mentioned that a lot of younger people are taking solo vacations.  Now it appears solo honeymoons are a thing.  Known officially as solomoons or unimoons, couples that recently tie the knot are opting to start their married life single. Whether its work taking a precedence over romance or newlyweds unwilling to compromise on a vacation, there are a surprising large numbers of recently married couples taking a honeymoon by themselves. Irene O’Brien and Mel Maclaine married in 2016 but couldn't agree on a destination. Her new husband wanted to go to France to see his soccer team compete in a championship series. Irene, who isn't much of a soccer fan, knew she wouldn't enjoy eh experience. So the two agreed on separate trips with Mel joining friends for the game in Paris while Irene went to Canada. A simpler situation for William Powers and Melissa Crane, who married in 2011 and tacked on a honeymoon to their business trips, with William in Paris and Melissa in the Dominican Republic. Relationship experts say separate honeymoons are a terrible idea since taking vacations together trigger all three brain systems: romantic love (which stimulates your dopamine system), feelings of deep attachment (oxytocin boost) and intimacy. However another expert says solo honeymoons are good for the relationship. One indication of a healthy relationship is individualization and while taking separate honeymoons may seem extreme, highly individuated couples may view their independence and separate experiences as a strength of their relationship.

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SOURCE: New York Times

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