Many Men Are Choosing To Wear Perfumes Marketed Toward Women

August 29, 2018

© Dan Thomas Brostrom | Dreamstime

In the world of dating, grooming is essential. Whether that be trimming his beard before a date or keeping up with the latest fashion trends, these things amplify a potential partner's attractiveness. But when it comes of smelling good, many men are ditching traditional musky colognes and instead dousing themselves with perfumes marketed toward women. For quite some time, men have silently been embracing scents of plum, coconut, citrus, bergamot, jasmine, violet and rose; all of which are traditionally marketed to women.  For men, they simply say they like the way they smell with these scents, which have a 'uni-sex' scent many men desire. For women, scientists believe it is more primal. According to results of a 2014 study women desire a man that is desired by other women. Smelling another woman, in this case perfume, on a man will influence her brain more powerfully. Experiments show women tend to choose a partner by sniffing out those with 'immune genes' that differ from their own. Combine wearing women’s perfume with pheromones and a bit of self-confidence, many men find themselves with an advantage when seeking out a romantic relationship.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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