Most Home Renovation Programs Are Unrealistic

September 10, 2019



: If you’ve ever watched HGTV, you know how easy it is to get sucked into the shows. While there’s no shame in binging whatever reno-marathon is on TV, it’s important to remember that these programs are not always accurate. In fact, realtors will tell you that buying or fixing one up is much more complicated than is portrayed. While none of the shows are totally accurate, some are more lifelike than others. Experts agree that "House Hunters" is the least realistic. You will have a hard time only looking at three houses and finding your dream place. Real-life house hunting generally requires looking at between 10 and 30 houses at the minimum. "Tiny luxury is another unrealistic program and while the tiny home trend is growing, the show doesn't actually show you people living in tiny homes. Moving from a larger 1,000+ square-foot house to 220 square feet is crazy ridiculous. "Flip Or Flop" is also high on the unrealistic scale. Usually the host make a profit of over $100,000 which is very unrealistic in flipping a home. As for the more accurate shows, "Property Brother" sis high. The idea of taking a home that shows poorly and going through the trouble of getting exactly what you want by waiting a few months is great for home buyers or homeowners to see. However the timeline is unrealistic as it can take months for a renovation. "My First Place" shows first-time home buyers facing every obstacle in the book—issues with inspection, bidding wars, hidden expenses, etc., which is very realistic and accurate. It’s perfectly fine to be a fan of these shows but to remember that they’re made to entertain—not reflect real life.

SOURCE: Apartment Therpay

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