There's Too Much Yogurt!

April 15, 2019

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As any parent knows, you can offer too many choices and it appears to be hurting the yogurt industry. Data on the yogurt market show that U.S. yogurt sales are declining after years of explosive growth.  Many years ago there were just a few types of yogurt in store coolers but recent choices ranging from probiotic to Greek, French and Icelandic varieties has overwhelmed us to the point we simply give up. In a statement on the outlook for yogurt sales, Greek yogurt giant Chobani’s chief marketing officer Peter McGuinness seemed to acknowledge that yogurt companies had essentially created their own problem by clobbering customers with way too many yogurt options at once. It’s self-inflicted,” he says. One marketing agency Acosta reported that there are a staggering 306 different types of yogurt at the average grocery store. So how will Big Yogurt get Americans to eat more yogurt? With even more choices, of course. Companies like Chobani and Dannon are releasing lower sugar yogurt options, vegan yogurt, and yogurts marketed towards the children of millennials. The brands are also trying to make yogurt more of a snack than a breakfast food.

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