Man Open Can To Find Only One Bean Inside

September 11, 2019

© Akaphat Porntepkasemsan | Dreamstime


As grumpy as it makes us, we've come accustom to bags of chips filled with a lot of air and food items not looking like they did in the menu!  But when you open a can of beans, you'd expect there would be more than one, single bean occupying it!  A 41-year old man says he returned home from work late last Tuesday and wanted a quick meal before bed.  He reached for a can of beloved Heinz Beanz from a multipack in the cupboard. What he found inside would’ve broken the spirit of even the most steadfast optimist: A pathetic, lone bean drowned in a sea of savory-yet-unsatisfying bean juice. n step with today's social media world, he captured the lone bean in a sea of bean sauce on his phone and posted the video online and tagging Heinz. The man says he thought Heinz would see the funny side and said the company did respond to his post with an apology and request for his contact information for a replacement can...or perhaps a lifetime supply.  The average bean count in a can is around 465.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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