It's Time To Ditch The Baby Carrot

November 20, 2018

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When it comes to vegetables, carrots are beloved by all.  Grown up, kids and even the dog. But there's a problem with carrots, in particular baby carrots. Those tiny carrots that don your veggie platter were once the savior of the carrot industry.  You see, baby carrots are just regulator carrots whittled down into tiny bites.  Back in the 1980s baby carrots served a useful purpose.  Then, as it is today, looks play a lot into purchasing of produce and carrots deemed too ugly to sale would be destroyed and wasting food.  So a California farm decided to instead of tossing out the ugly one, he'd carve them into something more palatable. The baby carrot was born and have now become the most popular variety of carrot on the market with over 70% of carrots sold in baby form.  However with that popularity, waste has become an issue again. Not to mention the cost of a smaller (and wasteful) version of the carrot double and sometimes tripe the price of a regular size one.  While being convenient, perhaps it's time to skip the plastic bag of baby carrots and whittle down your own carrots.  Actually cutting them into the size of baby carrots will not only save you money but prevent excess waste.

SOURCE: Mother Nature Network & Washington Post

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