Make Your Old Phone Feel New

September 23, 2019

Apple launched its latest version of their Phone last week as well as Samsung releasing its latest Galaxy phone earlier this month.  While both phones offer a slew of updated features, their hefty price tags will give you reason to pause and re-evaluate you need for a new device.  However there’s a wide range of ways to make your current phone feel new, for cheap or for free. The most serious way to improve an old phone is to make it perform better. Phones slow down over time and one of the biggest reasons are the apps you have running in the background. So clear out the ones you don’t use. A useful way to do this is to sort them roughly by when you last remember using them. Older phones come with less storage space. If you find yourself frequently bumping against the storage limit, this might be slowing your phone down. Move files off your phone, especially video and long and/or high quality audio files and store them elsewhere. Delete all the bad takes from your photos. If you store a lot of your streaming music and video locally, move some back to streaming mode. Clear up the memory cache on your Android phone as these files can get corrupt and slow you down. Your phone can’t feel new if it’s physically busted. You might pay a lot less than a full phone upgrade to replace your battery, screen, camera, or other component. But only visit authorized repair shops that you can verify through third parties. Many cheap unauthorized shops will install janky parts, like a new screen that stops working within days. Better to live with a cracked screen than to ruin the whole phone at a shop you don’t trust. Get a new case or change your phone's background and location of apps.  These little tricks can add new life to your older device. 

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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