Keep Your Christmas Tree Hydrated

November 30, 2018

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One of our favorite traditions around Christmas involve picking out the perfect Christmas tree. Just remember that the most important thing about a Christmas tree is plain, old water!  The biggest fire hazard in your home is a dry Christmas tree and believe it or not, a cut tree requires a lot of water especially the first week. When you find a tree on a lot, ask for a quarter of an inch of the trunk to be cut and get it into water within 12 hours. Although you would think the freshly cut part of the truck is where the tree draws water, it's the outer layers of wood that suck up the water.  It's why you tree stand should hold a quarter of water per inch of diameter. The tree will need a lot of water its first week, and less afterward. Check the stand multiple times a day to make sure it doesn’t dry out as it’s getting acclimated. A well-watered tree will stay fresh and healthy for three to four weeks. As for the "tricks" to keep your tree hydrated, such as putting an aspirin in the water, vodka, honey, gel beads and even tree preservatives do no more good in keeping your tree hydrated than keeping the stand filled with plain, old water.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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