Make A Make-Shift Bib With Glad Press N' Seal

May 10, 2019

© hatipoglu/Getty

Eating some foods come with the risk of dripping sauces or squirting juices, which can be a problem when you're running late for a meeting. Usually you reach for a napkin and tuck a corner of it in your shirt and while this works most of the time, there's a better way to make a make-shift bib, Glad Pressn' Seal. Believe it or not, it makes a great clothing protector because it sticks to virtually anything. Tear off a piece that will cover your shirt, press the tacky-side on your shirt or blouse and slurp your way through a bowl of soup, chow down on BBQ ribs and relax knowing if your food drips as it approaches your mouth, the sauce will not ruin your shirt or blouse.  This trick works great with making a bib for kids too but remember it is a suffocation hazard, no never leave them unsupervised when using this hack. 

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SOURCE: Lifehacker

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