Clairvoyant Crustacean Predicts An Early Winter

September 5, 2019



Punxsutawney Phil is the nation's premiere groundhog in predicting the length of winter weather. Now we have a clairvoyant crustacean which can predict an early winter. Each year since 2015, residents of Belfast, Maine, have plucked Passy Pete from his watery home to watch him choose between two scrolls. One predicts six more weeks of summer, while the other forecasts an early winter. As for the prediction, Belfast businessman Dave Crabiel read from the scroll Pete picked, "Friends of Belfast, on this second day of September—Labor Day in the year 2019, it’s in your best interest to collect your coats, tell your sister to return the ones you lent her, tell Cathy, the harbormaster, to remove the boats, and everyone get ready for winter.” Pete has predicted an early winter to the groan of Belfast residents. Although Pete didn't give the answer wanted, he was returned to the bay to ponder next summer's prediction. Crabiel and fellow business owners came up with the idea for a forecasting crustacean as a way to sustain summer tourism levels past the season’s peak. As for Pete's record, this is first year he is predicting an early winter.  According to meteorologist, Pete has a 75% record in correctly "predicting” weather, as Mine had experienced a longer summer with the exception of last year.  Time will tell if Passy Pete has predicted correctly for this year.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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