Company Ships Your Luggage So You Can Avoid Airline Fees

February 12, 2019

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There was a time when you could fly to a distant destination and not have to pay extra to have your luggage accompany you.  Those were the days!  In 2017, airlines collected $4.6 billion in checked baggage fees, which has launched a new startup company called LugLess which offers a cost-competitive alternative to checking bags. Rather than pay the airlines to check your bag, they'll ship them separately to your destination. Customers print a shipping label, and then bring their items to a UPS or FedEx store or picked up at your door for an extra fee. They ship it to a UPS or FedEx store in your destination city, or to your hotel for an extra fee. LugLess says their average cost to ship one 50-lb bag is $28, only a slight price dip from the $30 the same bag would cost on major airlines. But the real price differences start to appear when you pile on more bags. LugLess cites their average cost of shipping three 50-lb bags is $82, which is quite a difference from the average price of $220 for the same three bags on major airlines. If this all sounds familiar, perhaps you caught an episode of Shark Tank back in 2013, when founder Brian Altomare had trouble convincing the sharks of supporting his business. Now, Altomare has changed LugLess’s business model to reflect the advice the sharks give him, and told CNBC recently that getting their criticism was “the best experience of [his] career.”

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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