Tips For Longer-Looking Fingernails

August 23, 2019

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Whether you bite them down, keep them short on purpose, or simply have nails that just won’t grow, here are some hacks for creating the illusion of longer nails. Getting rid of cuticle buildup at the edge of your nail reveals more of the nail plate itself, so nails instantly look longer. Apply a cuticle remover and then very lightly pushing back the cuticle with an orange stick, moving in circular motions. Once that’s done, wipe the entire nail with a warm washcloth. An almond-shaped nail creates the most visual length. Also an oval shape will also elongate the nail. Darker polish highlights the actual length of your nail, so to make nails look longer, lighter shades are always best. Much like wearing a nude pump elongates your legs, a nude polish elongates your nails. When it comes to painting your nails, go French and paint only the tip in white.  Enhancing the free edge with a white tip made nails look longer.

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SOURCE: Better Homes & Gardens

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