How To Celebrate With Free All Year For Your Birthday

August 16, 2019

© Damedeeso | Dreamstime

When it comes to your birthday, why limit yourself to one day of celebrations?  Every retail and fast-food chain under the sun seems to have a loyalty program these days, and one of the perks the good ones offer is a freebie or discount for your birthday. But rarely do they ever verify your birth date.  And that means your birthday can be whenever you want it to be. Spreading those freebies and discounts out during the year allows you to enjoy the instant gratification of shopping or dining out without hitting your wallet too hard. So next time you sign up for a retailer’s loyalty club put down a random date. Use the first of the month to keep it simple, and make your birthday the month after you sign up if you’re itching for a freebie.

SOURCE: Two Cents

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