The Smart Way To Keep Dog Poop Off Your Lawn

October 31, 2019

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Dog are great creatures. Some dog owners are just inconsiderate, especially when it comes not cleaning up after their dog leaves "a gift." No more so is this frustrating than when it’s on your lawn.  But don't get angry, get smart with this simple hack. While some of your neighbors may put signs out to remind dog owners to clean up after their pet, you can contact your pest control company and ask for those "warning lawn sprayed with pesticides" signs and stick them around the problem areas. You can even order them online for a few bucks.  Take it a step further by warning your neighborhood with flyers in the attempt to look like you are caring for the safety of the areas pets even though you're looking to keep piles of poop off your lawn! However this isn't foolproof as they might call your bluff. They might start blaming you any time their dogs get sick (don't actually use posion to keep dogs off your lawn). But sometimes the warning sings just might work. Another option that leaves no question to the health of an animal is to include surveillance signs. Considering the lower prices of security cameras and seemingly limitless video storage, it may be worth the cost of actually installign one so that you can address the offender with undisputable evidence of their inconsiderableness.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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