Kraft Willing To Pay For Child-Sitters As A Gift For Mother's Day

May 10, 2019

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Mother's Day is Sunday (5/12/19) and while flowers, a spa day and jewelry are nice ways to let Mom know how much we appreciate her. Most mothers simply want time to themselves that is free of responsibility, free of planning, free of mothering to do whatever they want. This year Kraft wants to help make that happen as they will pay up to $100 per mom to cover bills for babysitters hired this Sunday, May 12, during Mother's Day, if they choose to get away to a movie, or a restaurant, or perhaps just a few precious moments of silence. How it works is that Moms can hire the babysitters and upload a picture of the receipt or invoice from the babysitting service via the Kraft Mother's Day Away site on Mother's Day. For those who hire private babysitters, they can upload a signed note from the babysitter, confirming the payment. Kraft also asks mom to provide a description of why they needed the time away. The company will cover the costs for up to $50,000 worth of babysitting on Mother's Day. The offer is only available on Mother's Day until the funds run out. The offer is limited to one request per person, email or household address and reimbursements could take six to eight weeks. CLICK HERE to upload your receipt.

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