Mayochup Has An Unfortunate Meaning In This Langage

June 6, 2019

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Well this is embarrassing! Heinz has been fusing together mayonnaise with other condiments inside your fridge and creating mash-up names for them. While Mayocue (mayonnaise and bbq sauce) and Mayomust (mayonnaise and mustard) are the latest fusion of flavors in a bottle, the original, Mayochup, is in the midst of a public relations nightmare. When Heinz released Mayochup, which is a fusion of mayonnaise and ketchup, last year some people of the Cree Nation snickered a bit.  A language expert says "mayo" sounds a lot like "meyiwi," a Cree word meaning "related to feces," while "chup" sounds similar to "cap," which can refer to the eyes or face. n other words, "Mayochup" essentially translates to "sh--face." Kraft Heinz acknowledged the "unfortunate translation" as Mayochup made it Canadian debut last month, which is the home to around 200,000 Cree. It is unclear if Kraft Heinz will change teh name, which was the winner of a crowdsource competition and according to one language experts, the Cree find the whole thing "very amusing."

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SOURCE: Newser

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