VIDEO: Epic Parking Spot Stand-Off Last Over Two Hours

April 4, 2019

© Viktor Gladkov | Dreamstime

Finding a parking space can be a daunting task and while people have been known to fight over them, a battle of epic proportions occurred Monday in Los Angeles, where a black and silver car were involved in a parking spot face off for over two hours! A very entertained Twitter fan grabbed a phone and caught it all on video as the two cars were attempting to parallel park in the same spot in the Koreatown area of the city. Apparently the black car was backing into the spot when the silver car began to slide into the space. That was around 6:20pm. Ten minutes later, neither car had budged but as citizen journalist Chicken Tikka Mariah (Twitter name) pointed out, "at least they turn(ed) their flashers on."  Now at 7pm, there's another parking spot that opens up across the street but still neither the black car nor the silver car budge as their horns beep away and traffic starts to bottleneck. At one hour, a car parked ahead of the empty spot drives away, opening up two spaces for both cars.  Yet neither car moves an inch.  Now 90 minutes into the parking spot showdown it appears the black car buckles and moves into the empty spot ahead of the disputed spot and it appears the silver car will emerge victorious! But the standoff doesn't end as neither one of the drivers get out of their now parked cars!  It would take an additional 30 minutes before both drivers exit their cars.  Mariah composed a handwritten note, which she delivers under the windshield wiper of Silver Car, stating “Your resilience is inspiring. Thank you for the hour and a half of entertainment. I’ll never forget you. I hope you and Black Car can be friends after this."

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SOURCE: New York Post

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