Keeping Sports Fun For Kids

October 14, 2019

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The fall recreational sports leagues are on, but many kids will quit the team before the end of the season.  70% of will have dropped out of organized sports by the age of 13. While there are many reasons for kids to drop out of organized sports, in many cases mom and dad can help keep the fires burning and teach a life lesson while having fun.  Fin is the key. So channel your inner child.  We forget how imagination plays into a child's thinking. So find imaginative ways to keep them engaged.  Perhaps going out in the back yard to kick the "fireball" with your "legs of lightning" may be the key in channeling your kid's imagination to keep them motivated to play.  When you are watching them play, cheer for the hits and misses In life, you tell your kids things are going to be okay after something goes wrong. Find the same compassion as a fan. Bill Snyder, the longtime and recently retired head coach of the Kansas State University football team, wrote hundreds of handwritten notes to encourage opposing players over the years. Sportsmanship is a big part of sports, but it’s learned by example. Although you may have some pointers to share with your athlete after the game, bite your tongue following the game and save your observations for the next day or next practice. Your kid knows if they didn’t have a good game and so does their coach. Finally, never stop bringing snacks. They may be the best part of the game. Want to go above and beyond? Bring snacks for your team and the other team.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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