The Secret In Keeping Your Patience When Waiting In Line

February 27, 2020

© Paulus Rusyanto | Dreamstime


The next time you’re silently fuming at the slowwwww progress of the check out or interminable traffic on the freeway, know that your rage is normal. We spend a substantial part of our daily life waiting, and unfortunately, wait time can fuel aggressive tendencies. The trick is to think as concretely as possible, which makes you perceive the wait time as shorter. Avoid abstract thinking, which typically gives negative meaning to your wait, and spurs negative emotions. When someone is late for a call, if you think abstractly, you may think that they don’t respect your time, or don’t think the call is important, and therefore you might become mad. But if you think they may have just misplaced your number or got another call first, you won’t become so annoyed. Patience, it turns out, is a hackable skill, not a virtue.

SOURCE: Fast Company

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