Keep Your Groceries Safe While In A Hot Car

August 16, 2018


With the majority of your errands crammed into the weekend, it is a no-brainer that multitasking can lead to more free time. So a trip to the grocery store mixed in with a few other errands before heading home is commonplace. The Florida heat can not only can quickly spoil your fresh fruit and vegetables but also can speed the growth of germs that contribute to food poisoning, especially in meat and fish. The Department of Agriculture recommends that meat never be left unrefrigerated for longer than 2 hours—but that gets cut to just an hour when the temperature reaches 90° F. And bacteria continue to thrive until temperatures reach about 140° F. So here are some tips to keep your groceries cool, and safe, during hot summer shopping trips. Make sure to place food shopping last on your errand list. However if you are hopping from store to store for the best deals, place cold items in an insulated bag to keep them cold.  Better yet, take your re-useable insulated bags inside the store to start the cooling process while you shop. Make sure all your cold and frozen items are kept together in those bags. Shop strategically by placing perishables the last items you put in your grocery cart, so they stay cool for as long as possible. Avoid the trunk as it tends to be the hottest part of a car. Instead, put groceries in the air-conditioned cabin. And while you may think it’s better to put them on the floor and out of the sun, placing them in the seat means the cool air can better circulate around it.

SOURCE: Consumer Reports

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