Keep Plastic Mail Envelopes Out Of Your Recycle Bin

February 13, 2019

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Recycling is simple enough. Paper, glass, cans and plastic can all be recycled for another round of use. However those plastic mailers that are delivered to your mailbox or doorstep from Amazon should not be placed in the recycle bin.  According to a recent report Amazon’s new, non-recyclable plastic mailers are “gumming up” some U.S. recycling facilities, with consumers throwing them in the recycling bin along with other plastics. But it isn't just Amazon's packaging, any plastic envelope, bag and food tray are not accepted curbside.  That’s because the type of plastic used is getting caught in the recycling machinery, which has to be stopped and a person must physically remove the plastic, which is costly for labor, repairs and lost production time. What is making things worse is the easier to recycle cardboard boxes are being replaced with padded, plastic envelopes which can save space and weight in the shipping process (and by some accounts creates less greenhouse gases in production). Amazon said it was aware of the issues and is working on a fully recyclable paper mailer. So for now, keep those envelopes out of the recycle bin.  Fortunately many retailer stores, such as Walmart, Target and Publix usually accept plastic recyclables. A great resource is, which links you up to retailers that accept plastic recyclables. You can also keep these plastic envelopes by carefully opening them and reuse in sending or returning items in the mail.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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