Cute (And Free) Out Of Office Message Generator For Emails While On Vacation

November 6, 2018

We're getting in the season of vacations. While many choose to take time off, others must "use it or lose it" and regardless of your reasons for taking time off, setting up your email account to send an out-of-office reply is pretty straightforward.  Unfortunately it also means it's pretty boring. So get into the spirit of the season and spice up your automatically generated reply that you are not to be bothered, use the OOO generator. It's the 21st century Mad Libs we enjoyed from our youth.  You simply select the holiday, or non-holiday specific occasion, the date you return to work and an array of seemingly pointless questions such as your favorite drink, snack, if you can be contacted at all during your time off an who to contact in your absence. The final, and most important, step is to select the "vibe" you want to deliver from "keep it professional" to "6 shots at the office party." The message generator, which is powered by the travel metasearch web site, kayak dot com, will create a special out of office reply that is sure to make the reader chuckle.  You just cut and paste it to your reply window in your email program and you're all set! It's free and you can create your BY CLICKING HERE.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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