Loaner Engagement Rings

April 3, 2019

It has become evident that millennials are redefining marriage. The generation that embraces experiences over material goods has led to those who will tie the knot to opt for wedding rings that are not theirs!  So-called "loaner rings" are just as the sound, a lower quality (and priced) ring that couples use until they are in a better financial place to buy a more embellished ring. Rings ranging from $50 to $200 act as a placeholder for those engagement photos and dinner parties to friends and family.  Many jewelers have seized the opportunity to sell loaner rings that offer the paid value as credit towards a more embellished ring when the time is right for couples. Considering the average eye will find it difficult to tell the difference between a diamond and a cubic zirconia stone, it isn't such a bad move. Considering the staggering number of college graduates in student loan debt and the decline in paying for material possessions, a loaner ring is still a ring. 

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SOURCE: Jezebel

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