Fake See-Through T-Shirts Makes It Look Like You Have A Summer Body

June 6, 2019

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Although summer technically starts on Friday, June 21st (at 11:54am ET, to be exact), your summer body has taken a detour on the road known as life!  But not to worry! This year there is an alternative for those who aren't feeling body confident, but want to look like they've spent the past six months in the gym. A Japanese company have created the product almost no one asked for, a t-shirt designed to look like it's barely clinging on to washboard ads and a toned chest. The "delusional" t-shirt looks like translucent fabric draped across a figure which is, quite frankly, ripped. According to the company, the "original delusional mapping technology" allow people to see the beauty of your dream while you wear it. The delusional t-shirts are available for both men and women and sell for around $35.

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SOURCE: 22 Words

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