Jacksonville Gas Station Demanding People Not Use Microwaves To Warm Urine

October 8, 2018


 Some rules really should need to be explained.  Warming up a container of urine in a microwave used to fall under that category but it has become such a problem that a Jacksonville gas station has posted a sign, "don't microwave your pee" next to the machines. Parul Patel, owner of On the Fly convenience store says she has got sick and tired of random people brining their urine containers and warming them up in the microwave.  His gas station is within walking distance of a Quest Diagnostics and a LabCorp, both of which offer drug testing services and collect urine samples. People planning on using someone else's drug-free urine need to have it close to body temperature. The gas station owner says people are so desperate to pass their tests, they become violent when they’re asked to leave, which has prompted her to post the sign.

SOURCE: First Coast News

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