Stranger Things Candy Line

October 15, 2018

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Your understanding of Halloween candy is about to turn upside down! The trendy candy store, IT'SUGAR, has released a limited edition line of Stranger Things gummies and chocolate.  The Stranger Things Gummy Waffle is an oversized maple-flavored gummy that is modeled after Elle's favorite breakfast pastry. The Stranger Things Gummy Letters are gummy letters in Christmas light colors that you can string up so that Will can communicate with you from the Upside Down. Although we know what happened to Barb, her missing person picture is on the side of the Stranger Things Barb Missing Milk Carton.  My Little Pollywog Gummy looks just like Dustin's pet Dart and is 3 inches of Gummy bliss.  The Upside Down Chocolate Bar features two flavors: half premium milk chocolate and half grey-speckled white chocolate, like the upside down. Plus t-shirts and a jar of Upside Down slime. Prices range from $5.99 to $20 and available online while supplies last. ORDER HERE.

SOURCE: Elite Daily

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