Items You May be Behind In Tossing In The Garbage

January 7, 2019

Everything our home has a shelf life.  Milk, bread, deodorant are just a few but there are some items that generally outstay their welcome and they could be making you sick! While we routinely replace kitchen sponges and HVAC filters, our bath towels may be as old as 5 years before replacing them.  However bath towels are a breeding ground for bacteria and should be used more than three times.  But the towel itself generally has a shelf life of two years.  A basic rule of thumb is that if it doesn't feel absorbent, let it go. Dish towels might have outlived their usefulness too. To avoid E. coli and other bacteria contaminating your food, give them a wash every other day.  But they too need to be completely replaced as soon as they get damaged. Once spots and stains become visible following a wash, that's when you know it's time to toss it. While a hairbrush may seem harmless enough and eve after regular cleanings, they should be replaced from six to 12 months as the oil from your scalp and gunk from your product cause the bristles to lose their effectiveness. While re-using a plastic water bottle is the responsible thing to do, they have a shelf life too.  The problem is the rigorous cleaning necessary to keep them free of bacteria are also responsible for their demise.  With every cleaning, your plastic bottle (and cups for that matter) develop small cracks and cuts which are perfect hiding grounds bacteria. Whenever a product starts to fade, tear, or smell unseemly, the best thing to do is get it out of your house and kiss that bacteria goodbye.


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