Things We Clean Too Much

August 9, 2018

Many times we focus of items that are not cleaned but there are some things you can clean too much and that can be an expensive lesson and perhaps be a hazard for good health. Did you know that spraying wood cleaner on furniture too often can make it dirtier?  The wax used in many sprays can create an oily buildup that attracts more dust and dirt when used more than once or twice monthly. So before you plan your next wood-cleaning spree, consider simply using a dry cloth instead.  Pre-rinsing or pre-soaking dishes not only wastes times but waste money! While it might seem like a quick rinse or soak in the sink before cleaning is expediting your dishwashing process, in reality it doesn't take much soap to disinfect your dishes — so your best bet is to just clean them in one fell swoop. When it comes to your cast iron cookware, washing with soap is stripping it of the seasonings they accumulate with cooking over time. So save the dish soap and stick with kosher salt and water to clean instead. You may be overdoing it on your carpets. When you spill something on your carpet, it's easy to want to over-saturate the stain with cleaning solution. However, using too much cleaner too often can quickly weaken and damage your carpet. So instead try a more natural solution of diluted apple cider vinegar and blot.  Finally we hear a lot about washing our hands but just like most things in life, too much can be just as harmful as not doing it at all! Research suggests excessive hand-washing and hand sanitizer use can eliminate healthy immune-building bacteria on your hands and in turn, make it easier for antibiotic-resistant bugs to enter your system. Use common sense and keep hand washing to meal prep and consumption, after using the restroom and when around someone who si sick and after blowing your nose or sneezing.

SOURCE: The Kitchn

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