Is It Okay To Use Hand Soap To Wash Dishes?

February 12, 2019

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At one time or another you've had to improvise in the kitchen.  Dirty dishes have piled up and you have run out of dish soap. So you give your hand soap bottle a couple of pumps into a sponge and get to scrubbing. But is hand soap effective and more importantly safe for washing dishes?  Soap is soap, right? Not exactly say experts. Liquid hand soap is milder than dish soap and it will dissolve easier and foam better in a hot dishwater. Plus most hand soaps contain antibacterial and antifungal ingredients that can clean and sanitize your dishes. But many hand soaps include additives that aren’t food-safe. SO to make sure those additives don't add up, use hand soap only if you're in a pinch to clean your dishes and make sure to thoroughly rinse them to make sure the soap is completely gone. And don't even think about heading to the laundry room for detergent. Laundry detergents contain chemicals such as brighteners, fragrances, stain removers, and anti-soiling agents that might not be rinsed off completely from your dishes and may be harmful to your health. Perhaps a safer way to wash dishes when you are out of dish soap is to use baking soda. It absorbs grease, and mixed with water, it creates a paste that will help scrub away and remove food debris. Use half a cup mixed with a few tablespoons of water to form a paste. Put on rubber gloves, scrub dishes with the baking soda paste, and rinse with the hottest water possible to disinfect.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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