The Nuclear Option That Blocks All Spam Phone Calls

May 8, 2019

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All estimates are that the spam call epidemic will only get worse. While we are wising up to robo calls of offering a lower credit card interrest rate, special court notices or whatever the pitchof the day, it is more of an annoyance of your phone ringing when you are in a meeting, making dinner of trying to sleep. However if you own an iPhone you can use teh "do not distub" feature.  Yes, it was designed to be used when you don’t want to be bothered while you’re sleeping. However you can set it up to be permanetly on and therefore block unwanted phon calls from boting you. To do this, hit up the iOS Settings app and tap on Do Not Disturb. Turn off any scheduling you might have previously set and tap the little switch to turn the feature on. Never turn it off. BUt befofre you back out ofthis screen, scroll down to the “Phone” section and make sure the “Allow Calls From” setting is either “All contacts” or, if you want to limit yourself a bit more, “Favorites.” This means that your device won’t ring unless someone is already your contact—but you can always call back unknown, important calls, assuming they leave a voicemail. The one caveat with leaving "Do Not Disturb" on all the time is that you will not receive notifications when you get text messages. Your screen won’t pop up with the message, your device won’t vibrate, and you won’t hear any sounds. Hhowever there is a work aroudn here too but it willt ake some effort.  Open your "contacts" app from the home screen and tap on the contact you wish to receive text notifications. Then tap "edit" in the upper right side of teh screen. Scorll down to "text tone" and tap it. At teh very top of the text tone screen you'll see and "emergency bypass" switch adn by turning that on, you will receive text notifctions, both audio and visual, when the person texts you even in "do not disturb" mode.  This little trick comes with a caveat, too. Any contacts that use “Emergency Bypass” will no longer obey your device’s Do Not Disturb setting, which means any stupid texts they send while you’re sleeping will pass through to your device, even if your device’s physical switch is set to vibrate/silent mode. This might get annoying if you’re, say, watching a movie or at a nice restaurant, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve turned your device’s volume down or simply turn your phone off. It’s a tedious process but if you’re tired of being harassed by robocallers, blocking everyone you can with Do Not Disturb is an option—a nuclear option, but an option nevertheless. 

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SOURCE: Lifehacker

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