Daily 'Tummy Time" is Quite Beneficial For Infants

December 3, 2018

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Go ahead and have your baby get some 'tummy time' during the day-- it'll help him or her sleep better. Tummy time positions babies on their abdomens while being supervised by an adult. A study of 22 six-month-olds found those who have more 'tummy time' during the day are more active, which tires them out.. It is thought to tire youngsters out by testing their motor skills and being tired led to better sleep at night, which in turn, promotes a healthy weight in six-month-olds. The researchers attached an accelererometer to babies' ankles to assess how active they were, as well as how much sleep they got, over a day. The infants' weights and heights were also measured. Results showed that the infants who got the lowest amount of sleep were fed more during the night and were less active during the day. This supports previous research that linked plenty of sleep in the first six months of a baby's life to a healthy weight. Insufficient shut eye at two months old has even been found to affect an infant's size six years later. The results further suggest that napping does not compensate for a lack of sleep during the night, with those who nodded off during the day still getting less sleep overall. The findings were published in the journal Infant Behavior and Development. 

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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