Igloo Limited Release of Iconic 1990s Cooler Line

May 8, 2019

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Proof that everything old becomes new again! Igloo, maker of ice chests, wants this summer to feel like 1992! The company announced that its rerelease of the iconic Picnic Basket Cooler—along with two other retro neon beverage accessories—as part of its Throwback Collection. The teal, pink, and yellow-colored coolers, which were initially discontinued in 1995, will be sold for a limited time this spring. The collection includes a half gallon water jug with the "free-pouring flip-top spout" and carrying handle, a 4 quart Playmate Mini cooler that holds 6 12oz canned beverage items and the classic 25 quart picnic cooler. As part of the Throwback campaign, the company also debuted a VHS-style promo video that takes you back to the glory days of grunge rock and denim overalls.  The Throwback collection teal, pink, and yellow Half Gallon Jug costs $18, $40 for the Playmate Cooler and $68 for the Picnic Cooler and can only be purchased at Urban Outfitters or at the Igloo web site.

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SOURCE: Delish

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