The Ideal Time To Grocery Shop For Savings And Sanity

August 24, 2018

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Grocery shopping is usually reserved for the weekend.  Unfortunately it is also the time many other families do their shopping, which can lead to a not-to-enjoyable shopping experience. According to shopping data analyzed by Ibotta, a cash back shopping app, shopping on Saturday and Sunday is the most expensive time to replenish your kitchen. You're almost always better off doing your shopping on a weekday, but your savings will vary depending on what you buy. For example, wine is about 4% cheaper on Tuesdays compared to the rest of the week. However for biggest savings you'll need to do your shopping on Wednesday, when produce, bread, beer and snacks are generally cheaper. Fridays find ice cream around 1% cheaper. Head over to the store first thing in the morning during the week if you want first pick of the fresh produce. And if crowds are a major source of stress for you, go shopping on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and enjoy the privacy. 

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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