Use An Ice Cube To Relax Carpet Dents

March 7, 2019

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It might sound a bit crazy to purposely let an ice cube fully melt on your area rug or carpet but there’s a pretty good reason to do it especially if you've decided to shake things up in the living room. Heavy furniture can leave behind quite the unattractive footprint on your carpet and the longer the furniture has been there, the harder it is to persuade those carpet fibers to spring back into shape. So take an ice cube or two and line them up over the dents in your carpet and leave them to melt overnight.  The next day those dents should be completely gone. You may need to blot up excess water with a towel if it hasn’t yet dried, and if you can still kind of see a ghost of the dent, grab a fork or a credit card to and give the carpet fibers a quick fluffing. If you're wondering why not just douse the dent with water, the carpet fibers need to absorb water slowly making the melting ice key. Unfortunately this trick doesn’t work 100% of the time. This handy little hack is fine for most carpets, just be sure your carpet content can handle a few small puddles of water that might appear the next morning. And if you’re using this trick on carpet with a low pile, or an intricately woven pattern, it may take a few ice drops before you start to see results. The higher the pile, the better.  

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SOURCE: The Kitchn

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