Husband Gets Wrong Wedding Date Tattooed On Body

August 16, 2018

© Litwinphotography | Dreamstime

The saying goes the Devil is in the details and for something as permanent as a tattoo, you’d better triple check your request beforehand. Wayne Lomax thought it would be romantic to get the wedding’s date tattooed on his finger instead of wearing a ring as he was worried he would lose the jewelry while at work in construction.  So two weeks after saying "I do" to his bride, Natalie, Wayne decided to get inked on his ring finger. However Wayne either gave the tattoo artist the wrong date or the tattoo artist made the error of tattooing numerical July 25, 2017 instead of the couple's actual wedding date of August 25, 2017.  To make matters worse, the couple realized the date was wrong six weeks after the ceremony! The two lovebirds noticed the mistake at a party when Wayne showed off the work, 25.08.17!  Red-faced and embarrassed, they discovered it should've been 25.07.17. Luckily Natalie saw the funny side and claims it was something that “could only happen to them." Wayne has since had the mistaken 7 turned into an 8.

SOURCE: Fox News

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