Our Brains Work Best With Limited Choices

October 3, 2018

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The one thing that is not in short supply is choice.  But perhaps there is just too much to choose from when looking to watch a movie, where to eat dinner and which toothpaste to buy. A study has revealed people struggle to make decisions when they are given too many options because their brains don't want to put the effort in. Scientists says our brains made decisions based on getting the best reward for the least amount of work! They asked test subjects to pick a particular coffee buy to purchase from a set of 6, 12 or 24.  While making the decision on which one to pick, their brains were scanned and what they found is the brain showed the most activity in people who had 12 options to choose from, suggesting they were more engaged in their decision. People given more or fewer choices found it more difficult to decide, which the researchers said was because the balance between reward and effort leveled off. Too many choices leaves the brain with too much work to make it worth the pay-off, whereas not enough makes it less likely the reward will be as good, the researchers said. So when it comes to choice, between eight and 15 options is the ideal range, they suggest, in which you can get the best results without thinking too hard.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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